Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Year: 2012
Running Time: 74 min
Sawa, a long divorced mother of two complex, angst-ridden teenaged sisters, sends her daughters on a cross country trip to capture a photo of the face of their estranged father who they barely remember and who is now dying of cancer. He has long since remarried and has a new family that they also don’t know. What starts out as a sort of mini-adventure, becomes a journey of self-discovery, reconciliation, growth and love.
Director Ryota Nakano
Scriptwriter Ryota Nakano
Editor Ryota Nakano
Producer Noriyasu Hirakata
Director of Photography Shingo Hirano
Lighting Koji Tanimoto
Music Takashi Watanabe
Sound Mikisuke Shimazu
Production Designer Yasuo Kurosu
Costume Designer Keisuke Chiyoda
Makiko Watanabe as Sawa Higashimura (mother)
Erisa Yanagi as Hazuki Higashimura (older sister)
Nanoka Matsubara as Koharu Higashimura (younger sister)
Kenichi Takito as Tetsuji Nishimori (uncle)
Satoshi Nikaido as Masataka Nishimori (father)
Kaito Kobayashi as Chihiro Nishimori (brother)
Yuki Imamura as Miyako Nishimori (aunt)
Akiko Hoshino as Tae Nishimori (grandma)
What started out as an adventure of two young girls to reconnect with their long lost dad became a journey of self discovery, reconciliation, growth and love.
Ryota Nakano  | director
Born 1973 in Kyoto, Nakano moved to Tokyo after graduating college, and studied filmmaking at Japan Academy of Moving Images for three years. Since then, he directed several short films which won many awards including THE SPARKLING AMBER, a short film shot in 35mm, produced in conjunction with NEW DIRECTIONS IN JAPANESE CINEMA, a filmmakers initiative sponsored by the Agency for Cultural Affairs. His cinematic concern is the family, and his films depict it with distinctive sensibility.
2009     THE SPARKLING AMBER (short)
2006    ROCKET PUNCH (short)
Author: Maggie Lee
"A femme-centric family drama tenderly unfolds as two sisters travel to the Japanese countryside to attend their estranged father's funeral in "Capturing Dad," a road movie/coming-of-ager that's so wondrously quirky and simpatico with its subjects, it'll hold auds' hearts captive long after its magical end. Drawing on personal experience, highly promising tyro helmer Ryota Nakano proves that winsome characters, spontaneous cast chemistry and lightness of touch can go a long way toward ensuring a quality film."
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Year Category Awarded By Award Result Award Recipient
2013 Best Supporting Actress Asia Pacific Screen Awards Winner Makiko Watanabe
2013 Best Supporting Actress Asian Film Award Winner Makiko Watanabe
2013 Audience Award Granada Film Festival Winner